Repair Terms and Condition

ramsNET - One Off Repair



1. We will make reasonable efforts to repair your product, subject to the availability of any parts required and the terms of any relevant guarantee or warranty.

 2. We may decide to replace your product with an equivalent one instead of completing the repair and references in these conditions to '‘repair'’ shall be interpreted accordingly.

3. We will notify you when your product has been repaired. If you refuse to collect or (where relevant) accept redelivery of the repaired product within a reasonable period of time after our notification to you that we have completed the repair we may dispose of the product. Any sum obtained on disposal will be used to meet any unpaid estimate or repair charges. Any balance remaining will be paid to you on request.

 4. We are not responsible for claims or losses resulting from the non-availability of your product.

5. We are not responsible for your data or applications. Please ensure you have backups before handing over your product for repair/upgrade.

 6. Should a service require your product to be reformatted to factory settings, we will not be responsible for any data lost.

7. You are authorising us to accept software end-user licence agreements on your behalf as necessary to complete the repair; to this end we will use the personal information you have provided to us in connection with this service.

8. The service will be provided by ramsNET LTD.  

9. Please check the store opening hours when preparing to collect your product



Additional Terms for Chargeable Repairs

1. If the repair to your product is not covered by our guarantee or your service agreement you will have to pay for the repair.

2. We will make reasonable efforts to repair your product, subject to the availability of any parts required.

 3. You will pay an “up-front” service charge that covers carriage and diagnostic services. This service charge is non-refundable unless we can’t repair your product.

4. We will contact you by phone to agree the cost of repair with you. This is in addition to the up-front payment. 5. Our repair work is guaranteed for 3 months from the date the product is returned to you.


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